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Welcome to Charmedbyyou. Our great selection of charms will cover all of your fashion needs. Enjoy our exceptional shopping experience and contact our customer service with questions or comments.


About Charmedbyyou

How We Got Here

My name is Nkele McNeil and I am the Owner of The N Theory and Charmedbyou. During Covid i decided to started a small business with my daughter Sydney Aniyah. She was a college bound athlete being forced to sit still for the 1st time in 18yrs. The stillness of her new world created anxiety. In an effort to get back to the smiling  2x MD Gymnastic champ,I start a business  involving her favorite shoe. It didnt take long before her teary eyed days reverted back to purpose and joy. I wanted what every parent wanted, for my child to find her happy even in tough situations.

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Charmedbyou is an online business with no physical retail store.

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